Having a Flexible Mindset

2nd December 2018

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Having a flexible mindset can be a challenge. People often go through life making plans, compiling “must do” lists and setting schedules. Life rolls along merrily while everything is happening in the order you want it to, then bam, a curve-ball gets thrown and completely disrupts the nice structure that has been set up. How you react to the situation will greatly impact on your ability to cope.

Most people like to be organised and plan what is happening in their lives. This can be helpful, providing you are able to manage the curve-balls when they come your way. When making plans, it’s important to have room for movement so that if something comes up outside the plan, it’s not a big deal. Flexibility is the key to staying calm and managing the situation. With flexibility comes the ability to change plans at short notice, move things you want to do to a different day, change the order in which you do them, or simply not do them at all.

In contrast, when plans are inflexible, stress levels often rise significantly if things don’t go as planned. During these times you may find yourself becoming short tempered, frustrated and angry with those around you as you try to cope with changing or conflicting priorities, Ask yourself, “Is this how you want to live your life?”

Learning to have a flexible mindset contributes to a healthier lifestyle, increased peace of mind and generally a happier you!

Tips for increasing flexibility in your life include;

  • Review your to do list. Break it up into must do’s, would like to do, and don’t really have to do’s. Then focus on the must do’s as your first priority, spread the “would like to do’s” over the next week. Ignore the “don’t really have to do’s”.
  • View unexpected changes as opportunities to learn new ways of doing things
  • Change your morning routine. If you normally have breakfast and then get dressed, reverse the order and include a morning walk.
  • Start questioning your life in general, why you do things the way you do and what happens if you do them differently?
  • Be on the look out for ways you can add variety into your life
  • Accept that life can be unpredictable and the unexpected can happen at any time
  • Keep an open mind and be willing to experience new things. Try Indian food, go on a roller-coaster, use a different recipe, take up yoga etc.
  • Have a “Plan B” to fall back on when things don’t go as expected

If you feel counselling can help you to include flexibility in your life, please call Karen Cummins at Mindful Crossroads counselling services on 0400 416 535 or fill in the “Contact” section on the Mindful Crossroads website to arrange a confidential discussion.