I understand making your first appointment with a counsellor can be a scary thing to do. Asking for help takes courage, however the important thing to remember is that you are taking positive steps towards gaining peace of mind and leading a more fulfilling life. Having made the decision to commence counselling, I understand you will want to start as soon as possible so I will make sure I am available to see you within one week of your initial contact with me.

The number of ongoing appointments and their frequency will depend upon your unique needs and how you respond to counselling. Initially we will probably meet once a week and then if things are progressing well, we may change your frequency to fortnightly and then monthly. This will totally depend on you and what you feel you need.

Appointments usually run for one hour and cost $55 per hour, however in-home counselling may incur an additional travel fee. For those over 65 years of age who have an aged pension concession card, a discounted rate is available. Please contact me to discuss this further.

If for some reason you need to cancel an appointment, please provide 24 hours’ notice to avoid incurring a cancellation fee. Cancellation fees are charged at a rate of $40 for each cancelled appointment if less that 24 hours notice has been provided. 

Payment for appointments can be made via cash, EFTPOS or credit card and is required at the conclusion of each counselling session.

A referral is not necessary when making an appointment. This means you can make an appointment without having to see your GP first and you can begin your counselling journey quickly.

To book an appointment or obtain further information, please click the “Contact” tab and I will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.