Family Counselling

The goal of family counselling is to help family members work together to achieve loving and supportive relationships. When family members have strong relationships, they not only support and encourage each other, they also enjoy being around each other. Family counselling can help you and your loved ones improve existing relationships, manage conflict, communicate more effectively, respect each other’s needs and points of view and work together to achieve family goals.

In healthy families, not only are the needs of the family met, the needs of the individuals are too. When a family unit is working well, each family member has a sense of belonging, is emotionally supported and feels secure in the knowledge they are loved. A healthy family unit has a foundation of respect and tolerance and encourages each person to be the best they can be. With the help of counselling, your family will have the opportunity to move forward from conflict and discover new ways of doing things as a supportive and loving family.

Family counselling can also help with the unique challenges which come into play when family circumstances change. This can include separation, divorce, re-marriage, loss of a job, moving house, serious illness or death. Each of these things can have a significant impact upon family members, the way they feel about themselves and the way they interact with each other. Whilst some family members may cope reasonably well with changing circumstances, others may need a little extra support to make sense of what is happening around them.

Family counselling may assist you with:

  • Encouraging families to talk about the challenges they are facing
  • Stopping the blame game and exploring ways to resolve differences
  • Tolerating differing needs and values amongst family members
  • Developing respectful communication
  • Creating nurturing and supportive family relationships
  • Identifying expectations and appropriate behaviour
  • Understanding the impact of separation and divorce
  • The value of working together to achieve goals

Counselling usually begins with sessions between myself and individual family members, allowing each person to freely express how they feel about the family and the issues being experienced. As we progress through the counselling journey, we will work towards bringing all family members together to engage in open discussion. From there, we will explore ways in which your family can work together to build healthy, respectful and empowering relationships.