Finding the Real You

26th May 2019

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Have you ever asked yourself what you really want out of life? Do you find yourself constantly trying to please others instead of following your own dreams and finding out what really makes life meaningful for you?  You aren’t alone. Many people go through life trying to live up to other people’s expectations and worrying too much about what other people think. Unfortunately, this leads to increased pressure, dissatisfaction with life and generally little opportunity to explore what you want your own life to look like. Finding the real you is crucial to finding personal happiness!

Finding the real you and living a life centered around your personal values, interests, goals and dreams is incredibly important when it comes to developing your self-worth, self-belief, a sense of personal satisfaction and inner peace. Taking the time to discover who you really are and pursuing the things you care about allows you to be true to yourself and live a life that has meaning, rather than feeling like you are merely existing.

Tips for finding the real you include;

  • Ask yourself how happy you are – do you enjoy life the way it currently is or do you feel something is missing?
  • Ask yourself who you are trying to please – are you trying to please others or are you seeking to live your life in a way that gives you a sense of personal satisfaction?
  • Ask yourself what it is you want your life to look like, what do you want to achieve and how do you want to feel?
  • Examine your values and the type of person you want to be.
  • Identify the things you love to do.
  • Set goals for yourself in-line with the things you want to achieve.
  • Examine your strengths – look at what you do well and then explore how you can use those strengths in a way that interests you and will help you attain your goals.
  • Develop new strengths – make a list of the strengths you would like to develop and push yourself outside your comfort zone if necessary. Maybe try new things with a friend, have a laugh about it together as you learn to master new skills.
  • Be flexible – your ideas may change as you become more in touch with who you are and what you want out of life. Don’t pigeon hole yourself into a narrow focus, be open minded and go with what feels right for you.
  • Build your resilience – don’t see things as failure if they don’t work out the first time, see it as an opportunity for further learning and self-discovery.
  • Trust your intuition – go with your gut feeling, if it feels right then go with it, don’t worry what other people may think.
  • Mix with like-minded people – try to network and make friendships with other people who are also striving to achieve personal goals and dreams, this will help you to feel supported and encourage you to remain focused.
  • Learn to meditate and live a mindful life – taking time out to meditate and being more mindful of what is going on around and within you, helps you to switch off from the busyness of life, increase self-awareness and focus on what you really want.
  • Believe in yourself and make it happen!

Knowing who you really are and living your life in a meaningful way, is usually a lot easier to do than trying to live up to other people’s expectations. Once you are able to say “No, that’s not right for me”, you may very well unlock the key to inner peace, self-acceptance and an enhanced ability to enjoy the world and people around you.

If you feel counselling can help with finding the real you, please call Karen Cummins at Mindful Crossroads counselling services on 0400 416 535 or fill in the “Contact” section on the Mindful Crossroads website to arrange a confidential discussion.