Parental Counselling

Parenting can be one of the most joyful and rewarding roles you will ever take on; however, it can also be confusing, frustrating and exhausting. Regardless of whether you are going through the good times or the tough times, it’s important to remember there is no perfect child and no perfect parent, it’s about how you tackle the parenting journey!

Seeing a child grow into a happy, resilient and independent adult is extremely satisfying, however many parents find they struggle as they juggle busy lives, work, financial obligations and the demands of raising a family. Although you as a parent may have a clear idea of how you want to raise your child or teen, the demands of everyday life and tiredness may mean the best laid plans go by the wayside, replaced by impatience, arguments and inconsistent parenting.

Busy lives may also prevent you from being truly present in your child’s life, leading to missed opportunities to really connect and understand what is happening in your child’s world. Parenting counselling can help you become more mindful when you are around your children, assist you to identify the moments where you need to stop and listen and generally help you to nurture supportive and loving relationships.

Parenting counselling may help you with the following:

  • Helping you and your child to recognise emotions and responses
  • Identifying strategies for managing child and teen behavior
  • Coping as a single parent
  • Working together to co-parent
  • Overcoming the obstacles associated with step-parenting
  • Developing attachments with foster children
  • The importance of self-care for parents

Helping you to develop a consistent parenting strategy, regardless of your situation, is the main focus of parenting counselling. Having a clearly defined parenting strategy can help to reduce the stress associated with parenting, leaving you with more time and energy to enjoy your family. It can also help you to improve your relationship with your child or teen, reduce conflict within the home environment, clearly outline behaviour expectations and assist with implementing boundaries and consequences for inappropriate behaviour.

Parenting counselling can help you and your family develop a co-operative home environment based upon nurturing, respectful and supportive relationships. It offers parent’s the opportunity to explore and implement a parenting strategy aimed at helping your child grow into a respectful adult with the ability to self-regulate behaviour, assess risks, make good decisions and interact positively with those around them.