Mindful Crossroads offer parenting workshops aimed at building individual strengths and confidence and assisting parents to manage difficult child and adolescent behaviour.

If you would like to attend a workshop or are considering hosting one, please complete the quick contact details on the side of this page or call 0400 416 535 to obtain further information.

You may wish to choose from the following workshops:

  • Parenting Tips For Raising Children (2-12 years)  – This program focuses on managing difficult child behaviour, encouraging positive behaviour patterns and understanding the connection between emotions and responses to situations. Parents will walk away from this workshop feeling empowered to effectively manage their child’s behaviour and confident in their ability to guide their children along the path to making better choices.
  • Parenting Strategies For The Teenage Years – This informative workshop for parents of teenagers focuses on increasing effective communication, establishing boundaries, understanding how teenagers think, and providing parents with strategies to manage their teen’s challenging behaviour.